Haultain Community School

This month we learned about water supply, shortages and contamination. We also learned about the difficulties other

countries face in regards to water and how lucky we are to be able to turn on a tap to get clean drinking water whenever we want it.

On September 11th we read an article "Women Bear the Weight of the Water from www.water.org and

learned about how women and girls haul water for their families in underdeveloped countries.

We each had two litres of water and walked for early twenty five minutes or about 1.5 kilometres. It was a good learning experience.

Here are two reflections about the experience:

We had to bring in two 2 litre jugs so we could see how it feels for people who have to carry water all the time.
We walked for 25 minutes carrying 5 pounds of water. I felt really tired after we did that. I think we could help people who
don't have very much by gathering lots of water and giving it to them.
J. T.
Everyone brought a bottle/bottles that was 2 litres. We filled the bottles with water which weighed 5 pounds
then walked around the neighbourhood for 25 minutes. Hauling water is a tough job and think about the people in Africa hauling more water longer distances.
If I could help a village get a better, closer water supply I would put a well or water pump in the village. In Africa people would carry 25 pounds of water
and today we only carried 5 pounds.