Welcome to April's Challenge Theme

Global Warming

This month I invite you to investigate the theme of global warming and climate change. I've included several resource links and lessons plan ideas. I've also included a link to images and diagrams that are related to climate change. This month I'm challenging classes to create an iMovie, PowerPoints, KeyNote or another type of presentation. My class has used jumpcut and animoto to create short movies for classroom assignments.


A Way Forward Facing Climate Change National Geographic Videos
Global Warming 101.com
Global Warming Slideshow
Prism: Polar Ice Lessons
PBS: Global Warming
Teacher's Guide on Climate Change
Lesson Planet: Global Warming
Letsnet: Global Warming
The Science of Global Warming
The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming
What Are the Consequences of Global Warming?
Global Warming Images
Oxfam Education: Climate Chaos
Eat Low Carbon Diet Calculator

Al Gore's New Thinking On Climate Change on TedTalks
Al Gore's New Thinking On Climate Change on TedTalks